Makena Medical Center

Escondido, CA

Makena Medical Center

Temecula, CA

Sharp Chula Vista Campus Cancer Center

Chula Vista, CA

The right developer needs to be understanding, local, experienced  and involved.

He needs to not only understand his business, but yours. Moving an existing medical suite or opening a new one is an extraordinary effort for a physician. For some it only happens once or twice in his/her career, and they didn’t teach you this at medical school.  It’s expensive, time-consuming and full of decision making. Makena understands this. It’s why they use the Design-Build delivery system, to let you spend more time seeing patients while Makena focuses on delivering your suite. It’s also why Makena provides you a tenant improvement allowance that reflects reality. And why it helps out on your architect and city costs.

Your developer should be locally based and locally owned. Not a REIT from Chicago or New York whose CEO you’ll never meet. Makena’s CEO and COO are a cell phone call away. And one of them organizes and participates in every meeting of every phase of your suite design and buildout. You want a developer that can provide you with an answer in a day not a week, or two.

And your developer should be experienced. One who has developed medical buildings for some of the largest and best healthcare systems in California. Such as developing a ground-up full-service cancer center for Sharp Healthcare with award-winning linear accelerator vaults with glass-enclosed outdoor gardens. And yet one who has spent equal time and attention to a 2,500 square foot tenant. Please review our photo gallery to see some of our best-of-class medical office buildings. Our goal is to develop the best and most attractive medical office building in its neighborhood. And Makena Murrieta will indeed be that!



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