Doctors like choices.
One size does not fit all.

Especially when designing and paying for a new medical suite. Only you know what the right pricing is. Makena provides options. Some practices want the lowest rate available. Others realize the need and cost of top-of-the-line tenant improvements. Makena Murrieta Medical has created a variety of options to meet your needs. As an example, notice on the lease rate option below that you could choose a $2.40 Base Rental Rate per month. At that rental rate, Makena will provide you a $60 per usable square foot tenant improvement allowance. Plus, we will provide a $10 a foot allowance to pay a large portion of the architectural design of your suite and the fees the city charges to review the plans. The obvious question is, will $60 a foot be enough to completely build out your suite. The answer from having designed and built over 200 medical suites is “no”. But some practices can afford to pay the additional tenant improvement cost and prefer to keep their Base Rent low. And you can do just that with Makena Murrieta.

If on the other hand you would like to preserve your cash—perhaps to invest into the LLC which owns the building—you could choose to request a tenant improvement allowance of $135 a foot plus the $10 allowance for architect and city fees. The Base Rental rate would then be $2.95 NNN. Would the $135 per foot allowance be enough to completely build out your suite?  It depends on your taste. But you would be much, much closer. And you would save coming out of pocket so early in the process.

Makena’s pricing is very competitive to the best nearby medical office spaces available and superior when all things are considered. Things like a very efficient design of your space using a Design-Build delivery system. The architect and builder work together from the get-go to design only what you need and priced during rather than after the design is done. You’d be surprised at how much extraneous space is designed into an office that is not income producing. When combined with Makena’s tenant improvement allowances, there is really no comparable medical space in Southwest Riverside County.

Note: pricing is subject to change. So check our website regularly or better yet, reserve your space and pricing now.

Lease Rate Option for 10 Year Leases



Tenant Rate TI Allowance Architect & City Fee Allow
$2.95 $135.00 $10.00
$2.80 $105.00 $10.00
$2.70 $90.00 $10.00
$2.55 $75.00 $10.00
$2.40 $60.00 $10.00

August 1, 2021

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